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In the early 1950’s, a Belgian chemist invents a transparent glycerine soap that returns the skin pH to normal only a minute later than washing with water . . . . and calls it Neutrogena. At about the same time, a young Army (or Navy?) officer marries into the Hollywood cosmetics company that he was driven to transform. He too would take the name “Neutrogena” and build it into one of the most successful companies in the world. Just as in Belgium another young man with a mysterious past was marrying the mistress of the Belgian chemist, and into the Neutrogena company that started it all.

For years, the two ambitious young men, each with a company called “Neutrogena,” would build the brand around the world, even as each plotted the downfall of the other in courts and countries near and far. Did one of them plot much, much more, and bring about the ultimate tragedy?

The man with the long gun . . . . the Israeli mafia cocaine trafficker . . . .the secret safe deposit box at the Los Angeles airport . . . . bullets that found their mark in hostages who could not escape, bullets strewn in the night along the four block trail . . . . the mysterious little brown bottle in the powder room. . . . the confessions real or imagined . . . . the death in a castle in the night . . . .

The Beverly Hills police thought they knew what happened, a plot hatched in Belgium and carried out by a gunman flying half way around the world who then killed himself as the police drew near. The Los Angeles District Attorney thought he knew what happened, Israeli mafia striking just months before their murders in a downtown luxury hotel. What really happened? The story has never been known, has never been told. Until now.

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